KKS Product Specification

What should you know before installing invisible grille?

  • Stainless steel wire rope:
    The main part of the invisible grille. When the accident happen, it need to face the impact first. The most important part of stainless steel wire rope is check its tensile strength. Ours can up to 270 kg.
    Besides the tensile strength, you need to watch out of origin, guage of wire, coverage, etc. To sum up, you need to confirm the certificate.
    Nowadays, Taiwan, Japan and China output the stainless steel wire rope the most. And quality of Japanese steel wire rope is the best. As a result, check where the place of origin is also important.
  • Aluminum base:
    It is the second important part of invisible grille. Aluminum base which is MIT is already the top in the world. And KKS invent our own patent of aluminum base which is cheaper, so we can provide the wholesale price to customers.
    Our aluminum base is used by 6063 aluminum alloy which is been anodizing. Anodizing means the components will become anti-rust and have good wear resistance. Make the invisible grille service life longer.
    Please notice that our hardness of aluminum base is 14. And we have certificate to prove. Others can’t prove it may be fake.
  • Gasket:
    Sometime the invisible grille having problem is because the gaskets broken and made the wire rope loose. To prevent this kind of situation, KKS use DuPont Polyamide 66 which are hard to be embrittlement.
  • Warranty & Certificate
    The time of warranty we provide is 10 years.
    The test certificate invisible grille company need to provide is steel wire rope tensile strength and hardness of aluminum base.
    The certificate about steel wire rope and gasket place of origin.

Due to the technique of components are moving faster, sometime the catalog will behind the actual. Therefore, the latest information should base on the website.




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