Invisible Grille for Furkids, be Safe and Happy

People have the furkids will know that they enjoy sunbathing and the outside view. However, modern people live in small place. Their furkids don’t have enough space to do such of thing. Furthermore, people who live in higher floor are afraid of opening the window or balcony. Because the furkids might be curious about outside. Once people open the balcony or window, furkids are willing to explore. Unfortunately, people stop them because there is no protection outside. It is dangerous for the furkids. As the result, KKS invisible grille can help.

If you have the furkids, we sincerely recommend you to install the invisible grille. With the invisible grille, they can have extra space to exercise. And you don’t need to worry about your furkids anymore!

Normally, the space of invisible grille is 5 cm for prevent children falling down. However, furkids such as cats are flexible, they can even squeeze in every little hole. Thus, KKS invented another invisible grille which space is 2.5 cm. The space’s size is as small as 10 NT dollars! Whether the furkid is small or not, it is well enough to protect it.

Why you choose KKS to protect your furkids:

1.We make 2.5 cm space only for furkids.

2. We have 10-year warranty.

3. We use 316L stainless steel.