KKS Special Methods For Invisible Grille

KKS has been founded for 16 years. After set up the website, other companies copied and followed our methods. We start to hesitate should we keep writing our original methods online? Because there are many people just take a look and then copy. Nevertheless, others following means they don’t have the things we have. If other companies get improvement, it also the benefit for the industry. Sometimes misfortune is a blessing in disguise.

Therefore, we wrote down some method many companies applied now. If you find some of them can be improved, please contact us and tell us with no hesitation.

1. Lay a super big mat down before installation.

When we arrive customer’s house and ready to installation. The first we will do is setting down a mat. Many customers’ floor are brand-new. To avoid scratching the floor during installation, we will set down the mat to put our equipment. You might think it’ s not a big deal, but KKS takes it for granted. We focus on every small thing to make sure our customer enjoy the best service.

2. Ordinary but practical methods for waterproof.

The key of waterproof is the components. Therefore, KKS concerns the anti-rust function of the screw. We spend more expensive price on screw and keep testing its function every month. Different than other companies use wall plug, we use tapping screw most of the time. Using the latter need more techniques. It not only make the smaller damage of the wall, but also reduce the chance of leaking.

Besides KKS, other companies won’t consider the possibility that customer might remove the invisible grille. We think deeply than others. After drilling a hole in the wall, we will put some silicone in it for waterproof and then fasten the screw. If the company do well on the sealing, will decrease the rate of oxidation. Anyway, using silicone is just for support. The most important part of waterproof is the components and the techniques.

3. Make the less dust in the industry

Invisible grille is a newer industry. There are still lots of places needed to create and improve. As a result, KKS brainstorms many techniques. For example, method of causing less dust. Some customer already live in the place where we installing the invisible grille. Therefore, how to reduce the dust at customer’s house is the big point for KKS.

First, we will put the dust cover down to the furniture. The procedure of installation will cause lots of dust. Using the dust cover will protect the furniture from dirty. Second, we will using vacuum cleaner to clean the dust when we drill the hole. All we do is to make sure customers’ house tidiness.

4. Quick-release connector: the safety equipment.

When an air conditioner near the invisible grille, it always cause a problem. If air conditioner broken, they called us to remove the grille. After fixed the AC, we needed to install the grille again which was really inconvenient. To fix this problem, KKS invented the equipment of quick-release made customers remove it without using tools. Because of the special design, children don’t know how to open it, even adult need to watch the instruction video. Other companies also launch their own quick-release connector. However, theirs compared to ours. Our quick-release connector is better, easier and cheaper.

KKS don’t franchise and outsource. We are proud that we all do by ourselves. So the quality won’t change. We can make a promise. If you pay the same money for install the invisible grille, why don’t you find the real good one for installing?




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