The Disadvantages of Installing Invisible Grille

We found that numerous information for invisible grille on Internet. Many people said the benefits of invisible grille, but few people mentioned the weakness of it.

Therefore, we list some problem and disadvantages about invisible grille for your reference.

1. You need to take a leave when install invisible grille.

Residents’ committee make a rule that can’t do the construction on weekends and holidays. So customer need to take a leave on weekdays to be supervisor. If you live in the apartment complex, you better choose the more efficient company like KKS.

2. The inconvenient after installation.

If the place you want to install has an air conditioner, it will be a little troublesome for repairing. As a result, we introduced the equipment of quick-release. Customers can remove and install it by themselves. The equipment has special design, even adult need to watch the instruction video first, so parents don’t need to afraid children know how to open. And the place we set quick release will be the place that children can’t touch

3. Where the Installation Do.

Except cement, other materials are hard to be installed invisible grille. We need to add extra utility for make it fix and reinforce. The stability with the cement is better than others. Also the time of installation on others will spend longer time than cement. If you have enough budget, choose to install full invisible grille won’t have this problem.

4. The color changed because of oxidation.

After being rainy and sunny, the color of the wire rope may gradually become yellowing. It is normal for that because of oxidation. Even the appearance change, we can promise that it’s still safe. Oxidation don’t affect the function of invisible grille.

5. The swing window is not the perfect match with the invisible grille.

If the place you want to install is swing window even with curtain, we don’t recommend. Usually, the grille we will install is inside. So, the window and the curtain will stuck in the grille. About this kind of window, you just need to add the chain and the screw to fix it(we can also offer the service).

6. The Limitation of the time

The moisture will affect the invisible grille’s safety and quality. Therefore, we don’t do the installation during rainy day. And we will use electric drill which cause 120 dB during installation. Hence, we can’t do it at night because neighbor may complain the noise.

7. The Risk of the Quick-Release Connector.

Thief might use the equipment to climb the invisible grille. And then use the quick-release to invade your home. So if you want to install quick-release, please check the security in advance. If there is a possibility for thief invading. We recommend you buy it with buzzer.

8. The function of Anti-Theft

It will be effective when invisible grille match with anti-theft equipment. If you don’t work them together, thief can cut the grille easily with pliers. So, we suggest customer at least set the buzzer with invisible grille.



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