The Price of KKS Service Part 1

KKS’ customers can enjoy permanent security check for free and 10-year warranty. We can also help other companies customers about the warranty. However, the price will be more expensive than our own customers.

And here the list below:

Security check:

Other timefreeNT$ 600
night/holidayNT$ 500NT$ 1100

Change the grille:

50 ft2 NT$ 1500NT$ 2800
50 ft2 add NT$ 1500 per 50ft2add NT$ 2800 per 50ft2

Removal(not include repair):

KKS customers: No matter we remove how much is all NT$ 1500.

Other customers: the price start from NT$ 3000.

The repair of the place(not include paint):

KKS customers: NT$ 1500 per window

Other customers: NT$ 2800 per window

Way to recovery:

cement: fill the area

railing: welding

other places: use silicone to fill

We hire the professional to fill the railing.

If customer need to paint the place we recover will take NT$ 200. It will be off-shade with the original place. If you want the place look better, you can ask the professional paint factory.



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