Everything about Invisible Grille

What is Invisible Grille?

It’s the combination of stainless steel wire rope + aluminum base + Gu Ding Jian. The purpose of installing it is to prevent people from falling out of the window or balcony.

There is a technician who was used to living in the house. He didn’t feel safe when he moved to the high-rise building, so he used the steel wire rope to make the first invisible grille. His neighbors also wanted to install after he finished it. And then another man who is work in aluminum doors and windows got it. He used the screws to fix the aluminum frame and twined by steel wire rope. From that day on, people found the business opportunity in invisible grille.

A businessman introduced invisible grille to Taiwan in 2003. Many merchants include KKS got learn and study from him. Unfortunately, they didn’t do the quality assurance well at that time.

The dark history of invisible grille in Taiwan:
Taiwanese businessman didn’t have any experience at first. Therefore, they chose the material from China. Because China materials were easy to be rusted. There were lots of customer complaints about the invisible grille became rusty for only install a few year. Many merchants can’t afford the warranty so they changed their brand name secretly. KKS insisted to do the warranty to pick up the slack which made KKS almost bankrupt. From that day on, KKS decided to invent and develop our own products.

The time to flourish:
Besides those dishonest businessman, other Taiwan invisible grille merchants generally develops their own characteristics after 10 years. More and more people wants to install invisible grille. And KKS also have some reputation in this industry.

A variety of invisible grille merchants:

  1. KKS is one of the Direct Factory Outlet. As a result, our product is cheaper and better than other. But we are poor at marketing. Fortunately, our reputation is good enough to make customers willing to find us.
  2. Some of them input the materials by MIT factories. But the price will be more expensive than DFO cause they buy the materials through the dealers or franchisee. They can’t control the quality well cause they don’t have their own products.
  3. Some of them is what we mention above. They sold the cheapest materials cause their products aren’t good. And they even don’t have the tax ID number because they changed their brand name in a few year to avoid paying warranty.
  4. There is a type which is not their real industry. They are work in installing aluminum door and windows or other. The material they buy from hardware store. So the materials will be rusted in few years. Please be careful for this kind of merchants and check his name card before installing.
  5. The worst is the dishonest merchants who using MIC and selling the most expensive price. However, it may be famous because they spend their money on marketing. Therefore, customers need to think twice for buying the service or the reputation. It can’t equal to the products.

How to distinguish Invisible Grille good or bad?

Some brand will focus on commercial. However, you want your money pay for the celebrity or products? The good invisible grille’s brand should prepare:

  1. Long warranty:
    The longest warranty is 10 years. The longer the warranty, the better to examine the quality.

  2. The history:
    Just like we mention above. If one company declare it has 10 years warranty but it only set up for 3 years. How can it make the promise?

  3. Tensile strength:
    The best steel wire rope is up to 270 kg tensile strength. To prevent some company make fake, every customer should ask the company to show the test report which was tested in a month.

  4. Specification:
    Check them show the specification of products is also important. Because invisible grille is a new product, many people still not really understand what should it be. Therefore, some dishonest merchants will sell something in the expensive price. Nevertheless, due to their celebrity effect, many customers still be cheated on.

The step of installing invisible grille

  1. Measure which size the invisible grille need.
  2. Prepare the materials according to the measurement.
  3. Check the place where should drill.
  4. Use screw to fix the aluminum base.
  5. Use the direction of S to twine the wire rope.
  6. Use Gu Ding Jian to fix the rope.
  7. Use cross kou to strength the rope.
  8. After clean the place, do the test to make sure it work.

Where the place that invisible grille can be installed:
Every place where people want to have fallen prevention function.

The material that invisible grille can be installed:
First is cement wall, second is ceramic tiles. These two are the best. Others depend on how technician skills.

The functions of Invisible Grille

  1. Prevent-fallen(child, adult, elderly, furkids)
  2. Prevent other people invading
  3. Prevent bird droppings
  4. Prevent your belongings fly to other balcony

How to maintain invisible grille

  1. It’s fine for hanging something not too heavy.
  2. Don’t destroy the surface of wire rope. It is used to protect children and furkids not to get hurt. Also to prevent the steel wire rope from easily rusty. Despite the good quality of wire rope won’t get rust, even it don’t have cover.
  3. If you want to remove the grille, please call us in case change the warranty and the grille.
  4. It is common that the light wire rope will be yellowing due to oxidation, but it doesn’t affect the function.
  5. It is common the dark wire rope will be shallower due to oxidation, but it also doesn’t affect the function.
  6. Use mop with water or broom to clean is fine. Remember to avoid using acidic or corrosive detergent to clean. Also, don’t burn the grille which just waste your money.
  7. Do not let children and furkids play the wire rope as a toy. Otherwise, the grille may be broken.

The Law of Invisible Grille

According to Condominium Management Act Article 8.
Resident who has child under 12-year-old or elderly over 65-year-old need to set the facility which won’t bother to escape and out of the wall. After done it, resident who doesn’t meet the qualification, the unit owner should recover.

Condominium prevent-fallen facilities directions was derived from it.
You can check the information from Ministry of the Interior Construction and Planning Agency




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