The Anti-Theft Function of Invisible Grille

The Comparison of Invisible Grille and Iron Metal Window

Compared anti-theft function of invisible grille with iron metal window.

Some high-rise building don’t need to be set cause there is any place for thief to climb. Some thief will invade because didn’t use the iron metal window very well.

Normally, people prefer the traditional iron metal window because the appearance looks secure and reliable. However, it can be easily destroyed with hydraulic cutter by professional thief.

On the other hand, invisible grille is a brand-new product that thief don’t know how to deal with it.

The truth about invisible grille

Why the invisible grille function of anti-theft so great? There are some factors.

1. Invisible grille is new product that thieves don’t know how to destroy it. It hasn’t happen any accidents about invisible grille currently.

2. Applied technology into invisible grille make the function of anti-theft better and various. Thief don’t know how to deal with it.

3. Iron metal window might become the route for thief. Make the thief climb the window easily.

4. Invisible grille is not easy to be observed. So the thief will trigger the anti-theft equipment unconsciously.

The anti-theft such as buzzer is the equipment you need to buy invisible grille and add it. So we suggest you install the buzzer at least.

We advice you to install the buzzer because:

  • It is easy to operate and don’t need to maintain often.
  • It is cheap that everyone can afford. Once it broken, you can buy a new one without hesitation.
  • The sound can up to 120 dB which make the thief afraid.

KKS not only can help you install the buzzer, we can also teach you about how to maintain, test and use. If you live in the place you don’t feel safe, welcome to install invisible grille with buzzer.


1. What is the warranty of buzzer?

KKS buzzer has 1-year warranty. If the buzzer broken after a year, customer can choose to buy from KKS(pay the shipping by your own) or other stores.

2. How to know the buzzer is still working?

There is a switch in the buzzer. Normally, it will make a sound when you turn on the switch. Therefore, please don’t test it at night or break time. If it don’t make a sound which mean not working.

3. How long can the buzzer make a sound?

It will keep working until the battery died. So don’t test it too long.

4. How to stop the buzzer?

Just turn off the switch.

5. Where the buzzer be installed?

We often install the buzzer indoor to prevent weather or personal factor.

Beside buzzer, KKS invisible grille can also match with other security system, reed switch or monitor system, etc. Welcome to contact us if you are interest in.

Please notice that buzzer need to buy with invisible grille. KKS don’t sell the buzzer individually.



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