The Dark Side of the Invisible Grille

The history of invisible grille has been 10+ years. There must be some dishonest manufacturers in this area. Let KKS teach you how to distinguish them.

1. Copy others information

Some invisible grille brand didn’t do the study and copy our website. If they do the copy paste in their website, how can customers trust them?

2. Copy others brand name.

People ask the minimum requirement of invisible grille area is to insure NT$ 20million for the products. Some company copies the insurance from others company. When customers browse the website, they can check which brand name the website use and be careful.

3. Boast

After KKS promises warranty for 10-year, some brand also follows or even more. However, how could they prove it is true? Especially some of them only set up for 1 year.

4. Didn’t assure the quality

Before installing the invisible grille, we need to make sure the materials’ quality are perfect. As the result, KKS do the test for all the materials. We want customers feel reassured, so we persist in examine the product every month.

5. Didn’t really understand the products

We found that some company didn’t do the study for invisible grille. They just follow and shallowly copy. Hence, installing 5 cm space for the furkid who need 2.5 cm space or else it will escape.

6. Fake comments

To appeal customers, some company will pay money for fake comments, fake customers feedback and the fake advertorial. Nowadays, the more credibility ways are Facebook fan club and LINE@. The former can know the fan is real or fake through the person information. And those comments that “real” fan gave were real. The latter is more followers in it means more customers.

7. Not many choice to choose.

Like KKS, we can let you choose color, space, style. Some of them just can’t.

8. How to search the right firm?

We recommend the firm at least set up for 10 years. According the survey, the rate of small and medium enterprise survive for 10 year is 47%. If SME can survive over 10 years, it means it is better than half of the firms. Go browsing the website of Ministry of Finance can check the tax ID number. Use it to make sure the firm is trustworthy.



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