The Advantages of KKS

1. Leading brand in this area

No matter the number of google comments, Facebook comments and people who friend KKS on LINE. All of them are the top in this field. Because customers trust us, we have such reputation.

2. History & warranty

We have set up KKS since August 13th 2004. KKS can promise you 10-year warranty because it was already 16 years. We know we can develop sustainable.

3. Free security check permenant

After installing the invisible grille, you can permanently reserve the security check for free. Just contact us with LINE or phone.

4. Offers a lot of free measurement time

KKS provide free measurement and evaluation during weekdays, night and holidays. Customers don’t need to take a day off for measure. Just save your time.

5. Female technician

If there is only female member at home, you can ask for appointing our female technician. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about other thing.

6. KKS examines the components every month.

We will test the tensile force about stainless steel wire rope each months to make sure the quality. And do the reliability test on screw and aluminum base.

7. Insurance

KKS have Property Insurance and Employer’s Liability Insurance in advance. Do everything to protect and make sure your safety and rights.

8. Methods

During construction, KKS uses the methods to cause less dust, waterproof, and others. We have many unique techniques that others don’t have.

9. Specification

The stainless steel wire rope’s tensile strength is 270kg and used by 316L. The base of aluminum is 6063 aluminum alloy with powder coating and anodizing. Keys were made by DuPont Polyamide 66 which are hard to be embrittlement.

10. Logo

Cross Kou is important but time-consuming in invisible grille. KKS use cross kou as the logo. Declare that our determination and focus on the basis.

11. Do the charity

If you offer the photo that you, your family members or furkids with the invisible grille. We will take 1% from the money you pay to the public interest group’s account you pick. And donate it to the charity foundation.

12. Guarantee

If you follow our plan, install the invisible grille in the legal place. However, the third party such as residents’ committee forbidden, we will offer up to NT$300,000 the service of law to help you.

All in all, no matter which parts you check, KKS is the leading brand in invisible grille. Thanks for supporting! We will keep moving forward.



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