Normal Arguments About Invisible Grille

We understand that customers may have some questions before installation. Therefore, we list some of the issue to offer customer know, if you still have other problem, please tell us.

1. The location of the invisible grille.

Every customer requirement is different. Some of them have the habit of cleaning window. For them, we advice the grille should be set far from the window. If customer takes safety for the main purpose, the place of invisible grille should be set closer the window. As the result, we recommend you tell the measure person first, he will tell you which one is suitable for you. Realize customer requirement first can make KKS do the best arrangement.

2. Procedure of installation will be filled with dust.

During installation we drill holes which cause numerous dust everywhere. If customers already live in that place, they afraid of their stuff full of dust. They can cover the stuffs by themselves or choose the method of less dust. Although the latter will spent they extra money, we do a very good service for it. Customer who wants to reduce the dust can consider this method.

3. The color of invisible grille.

KKS let customers do the choice for the color of aluminum base and stainless steel wire rope. We want to make customer satisfied even though we will spend more cost. And there still have something to remind, the silver cross kou show the strong contrast with the darker grille.

4. The location of cross kou line.

Cross kou looks simple but important. The procedure of put it on the grille is a little time-consuming, so many companies will refuse to install it. However, it helps the invisible grille much stronger. And the line actually block the view a little. But we can move it to the place that is not too obvious. KKS cares about the cross kou line very much. Our logo also comes from it to declare that our determination and focus on the basis.

5. The rules from residents’ committee.

Residents can install invisible grille if they want, but residents’ committee can make the rule about when to install and what the color should be. Therefore, we always tell customer to inform them in advance. If you already inform the place is being decorated, then you don’t need to get their permission again. If you meet the committee don’t allow you to install, we can provide up to NT$300,000 dollars for protecting your right. If you lose, we will remove it for free and return all the fee. (Please notice, only for the customer who obey our arrangement.)

6. The Fee will Different on Weekend and Holidays.

If you want to install invisible grille on weekend or holidays, the fee will be more expensive than usual. And if you live in apartment complex, please make sure we can do the construction loudly. Cause the electric drill will make 120 dB noise which neighbor might complains. We may get fined and take extra fee for car fare.

7. The Place We Install Need to Include Water and Electricity.

Customer need to make sure the house include electricity because we will use the electric drill. If there isn’t any electricity, customer need to tell us in advance. We will use another method, but need to add extra fee.

We will use the water during we install the grille for prevent pigeons coming. We use the high-pressure washing machine to clean the droppings. If we need to go there second time because there don’t have water, we will add extra money for car fare.



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