KKS Invisible Grille&Flood Gate Warranty

10-year warranty promised by founded 16-year experience

We devote to inventing the most durable invisible grille and flood gate, provide 10-year warranty.

  • Aluminum base won’t be deformed for 10-year.
  • Gu Ding Jian won’t be rusted and embrittled for 10-year.
  • Stainless steel wire rope won’t be rupture(color-changed and rusty are because of oxidation).
  • The surface of steel wire rope(nylon) won’t be cracked.

If it’s not personal-factor, customer can change the materials for free.

1-year warranty:

  • Buzzer
  • Reed switch
  • Pliers set
  • Clothes line
  • Cat door
  • Square grid(for birds)
  • Poly anti-falling net

5-year warranty:

  • Stainless steel bird spike

10-year warranty about flood gate:

  • Side post won’t be deformed (not cover personal factor)
  • Panel won’t be rusted and embrittled
  • Rubber seal strip for free permanent(customer don’t need to come, we will send it to you)

Other products don’t on the list mean all 1-year warranty.

Be aware that all the products mention above need the warranty card to prove. KKS digitizes all customers data, but we don’t take the responsibility on saving all data.




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