Explain the Act about Invisible Grille

It has been developed for 15-20 years about the invisible grille industry. And the main law we follow is Condominium Management Act Article 8.

Resident who has child under 12-year-old or elderly over 65-year-old need to set the facility which won’t bother to escape and out of the wall. After done it, resident who doesn’t meet the qualification, the unit owner should recover.

Which means people who meet the qualification can install the facility outside the wall or balcony originally. As for people who want to install inside the drip line also can because that is your property right. You can install it without residents’ committee’s permission.

If you want to understand the act more, you can google and enter Ministry of the interior construction and planning agency website.

If KKS’ customer meet someone unreasonable force them to tear down. We can give you legal assistance. And we offer up to NT$300,000 for legal charges.

We will remove it for free and return the payment if you charge lose.

Last but not the least, the Unit Owner Assembly pass the resolution about residents’ committee can decide the color. Besides, it will make 120 dB noise during installing. As the result, you need to announce the residents’ committee permission in case bother other neighbors.




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